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March Modness 2, Week 2

One detail from Bill's career that we still haven't quite locked down has to do with his week on The Today Show. We know from numerous mentions in 1971 newspaper articles that at some point in the previous year, Bill served as guest anchor/host for one week on Today, but we can't find a reference or a TV listing that locks down the dates.

Last week, we got an e-mail from a Bill fan who told us he was trying to confirm a vague, fuzzy memory he has of Bill serving as an anchor/reporter for a news story about the Apollo 13 crisis. If the e-mailer is remembering correctly, he would almost certainly be remembering Bill's week on Today. So we dug into some newspaper archives from April 1970 looking for gold.

Well...we didn't find any mention of Bill hosting Today. Funnily enough, though, we stumbled on a week of He Said, She Said that we didn't know about. So we've updated the Guest Appearances list.

And in keeping with the theming of this month's update, we've added four more segments of Knowledge Mod Style. We can already tell you we're going to do a year three of this. You'd be amazed at how much of this we have lying around.

In Photos, Bill and Ann are off to Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands.

In ...And More, we've added a commercial of Bill's that we didn't know about until only a month or so ago, and from the date on it, it might be the last endorsement deal he ever did.

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