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Mister Cullen's Neighborhood

We told you a few weeks ago that we lucked into a fresh supply of The Parents' Notebook on Ebay, but we didn't realize what a gem it actually was until we digitized the episodes and it turned out there was one REALLY neat week of episodes. Over at Syndicated Radio, you can now hear all five episodes from a special week where Bill turns the microphone over to Mister Rogers.

Over in the Caricatures section of the Gallery, we've made our two favorite additions so far, not so much for the drawings (although they're fantastic) but for the story behind what they are and why we have them.

In Photos, our favorite travelers are off to Las Brisas.

In rerun news, The Price is Right departs from Buzzr's schedule for the time being after Sunday March 1, although the channel has been awesome about rotating through the stuff in their library and we suspect it's coming back at some point. Case in point, if you still need a Bill fix after March 1, no worries, because Blockbusters returns to the channel's schedule the next day.

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