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Inside NBC

First episode: December 12, 1955 
Last episode:  June 1, 1956 
Seen locally on WRCA New York, Mondays and Fridays at 6:30pm

The Show:

Inside NBC was a local show seen two days a week on NBC's flagship station in New York City.  It aired for fifteen minutes, just ahead of weather and news reports, and usually consisted of Bill looking behind the scenes at some aspect of an NBC TV or radio production.  Sometimes, however, the focus would be entirely different, such as an early home shopping segment known as Cullen's Corner.  


Inside NBC marked the first time that Bill crossed paths with producer Bob Stewart, who helped put together some of the segments. Bill would go on to be a host or regular on ten series created and/or produced by Stewart.


Nothing appears to have survived, which is a shame, given the details in the episode guide. Despite only a six-month run, an impressive line-up of noteworthy shows and performers from NBC were profiled, and just reading the guide below is a charming time capsule of that year of the network's history.

Episode Guide:

Researcher Leah Biel was kind enough to provide us this episode guide based on listings in the NYC edition of TV Guide. 

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