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A Friend of Bill's is a Friend of Ours

Just for starters, we'll take any opportunity we can get to update Three on a Match because we love that show, so we added some info about a semi-revival attempt. Eh...not really a revival but...well, it's hard to explain. Just click the link and read up on something called Money in the Blank.

Special tip of the hat to reader Cris Allen, who found a fantastic early newspaper ad from Bill's days in local Pittsburgh radio. We've added it to our More Radio section.

Next, it's off to Syndicated Radio, where Bill is taking us on an adventure to El Dorado and the Arctic Circle.

Over in Photos, it's June 1964 and Bill & Ann are off to Fire Island for a vacation.

In the Gallery, we've added two quirky holiday-themed bits of artwork that we stumbled upon recently.

And finally, something for you to take a look at once you're finished looking around our site. We gathered that if you're enjoying one site devoted to the life and career of a game show host, you might enjoy another.

Author David Baber has mounted a tribute site dedicated to Jim Perry. Much of his information comes straight from personal, previously-unpublished interviews with Jim. Have a look around just by clicking here!

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