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All the Faces

We weren't even trying to be cute when we started working on this update, but it just organically took on the theme of "Faces" so here we go.

First of all, we've launched a Facebook page for this site. We wanted a designated realm of Facebook for keeping you aware of updates, as well as something that the Narz family could be involved in.

We got our hands on a vintage magazine article about Place the Face, so we've updated that show's page with some fun new info about how the Three-Face contest was produced. We added a new photo too.

It also came to our attention that a second episode of that show was unearthed some time ago and we didn't notice! A clip of the November 6, 1954 episode serves as the opening minute of the 2012 documentary film Vampira and Me--a tidbit that we quite naturally added to "And More!"

And then there's the Photos section...Thanks to the Narz family, we've now obtained thousands--yes, literally thousands--of photos from Bill and Ann's lives together, mostly from their many, many vacations. Initially, we thought we'd only be interested in photos where they're visible, but we were in for a surprise. As mentioned on this site and in Quizmaster, Bill was a passionate amateur photographer, a hobby that Ann apparently picked up with him. Their photographs of nature, of the resorts they stayed in, of the sights they saw are spectacular. Both of them were truly gifted. As a result, our Photos section, which was originally just going to be "Cool! Rare photos of Bill!" is going to gradually become more of a celebration of their skill in this hobby.

For now, we've only added about a dozen shots from a vacation in Acapulco. I mean, we want you to keep coming back to this site, we aren't uploading all these photos at once. But there are a LOT of updates coming to that section.

Say...all this talk about photos and faces gave us a craving for some Fuji Facts. Head on over to Syndicated Radio for two more of Bill's handy photography tips!

Oh, and one last update in Pilots, we added a photo to a pilot that we already had listed, and we suddenly realized that there's one fairly famous unsold pilot that we didn't have listed at all, so we've fixed that.

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