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Bigger, Better

We were looking around the site this week and got to thinking about how text-heavy it is. We decided that if we're expecting you to read so much, the least we can do is make it easier, so we've blown up the font sizes all around the site. We also found that blowing everything up like that created room for...wait for it...MORE PHOTOS! We've added more photos to multiple pages, and in the spirit of adventure and discovery, we won't even tell you where. It's a chance for you to explore the site one more time. Just go rummaging around, learn some things you didn't know about Bill, learn some things you forget, and find some pictures along the way.

As always, we've added some audio. In Syndicated Radio, we've added Episode #2 of that old Thanksgiving favorite, Goose Who's Coming to Dinner. And for the benefit of parents whose kids wouldn't touch goose at Thanksgiving dinner, we've added Bill's tips for picky eaters in The Parents' Notebook.

And finally, over in Photos, we added a batch of unsorted pics celebrating Bill's love of boats and boating.

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