• Adam Nedeff

Buck, Buck, Buck

We've been blessed with a sizable amount of Pass the Buck recently and turned the videos into a highlight reel. The show only ran 62 episodes but managed to give us enough fodder for nearly a half-hour of funny moments, all highlighted by Bill's infectious chuckling. You can view it here on the Pass the Buck page, where we also added a little extra info about the show.

For the kids who are going back to school, we've added some more installments of one of our favorite daily four-minute encyclopedia sales pitches, Cullen's Adventures, at the syndicated radio section.

Our newest batch of Photos is a selection from July 1988, providing a sweet glimpse of what retirement looked like for Bill.

In Papers, we've added a section labeled Fred Wostbrock. As we've explained on our "About Us" page, Fred was a fan who later became a friend of Bill's, and subsequently the executor of Bill's estate. Among the papers we found in Ann's belongings are evidence of Fred's efforts to get Bill a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as well an explanation of why that didn't come to pass. You'll also find a sweet letter that Fred wrote to Bill shortly Bill's death in 1990.

One more update; if you look at that menu bar at the top of the site, you'll see we've added a new section, the Gallery. We've amassed enough artwork featuring Bill that we wanted a separate section to showcase it all. The Gallery also features desktop wallpapers that we've whipped up for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy!

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