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Episode Guides and more...

Well, week one seemed to be a successful launch. Thanks to everybody who sent us a message during the past week, we were really surprised and pleased with the feedback we got. Here's what's new this week.

We finally carried over the "Chain Reaction" episode guide from the old Bill Cullen Homepage.

Over at The Price is Right, we built a separate page to host the massive spreadsheet of episode info from the NBC program cards. And while we were at it, we went ahead and added a full list of the celebrity guests who appeared on the ABC run. Somebody PLEASE unearth a copy of the December 27, 1963 episode.

Wesley Hyatt suggested a small edit to our page on The Price is Right, which gives us an opening to plug Wes' books, all available on Amazon.

Showing you that everything old is new again...The Price is Right Live and Double Dare Live stage shows are criss-crossing America, it turns out, seventy years after a Winner Take All live stage show at the Strand Theater in Brooklyn. We've added a lot of info about the live stage show (which Bill hosted in addition to the radio show). We were delighted by the insane way that audience members were called to come on down to play the game.

Also, a tip of the hat to reader Eric Kaplan, who helpfully steered us in the right direction for a little more info about Bill's appearance on That Show with Joan Rivers.

Shout-out to Brendan McLaughlin and another helper, who finally pinpointed Bill's appearance on the syndicated version of What's My Line?

We found another endorsement deal for the "...And More" section. Everything's better with Bill Cullen on it!

We're still perfecting the mobile version of the site, so if anything looks wonky, feel free to let us know.

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