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Going Mad Because Mad's Going

Well, the news came out this past week that MAD Magazine is ceasing publication after 67 years. And that triggered this week's update:

In "...And More!" we've added a new subsection called "The Funnies" devoted to depictions and references to Bill in comics, including a few snippets from MAD. We're sure this isn't anywhere near complete so if you have something to show us, please send it our way.

Buzzr has uploaded some episodes of I've Got a Secret on their official YouTube channel so we've embedded those.

Over at Pilots, we've added our photo of Personality to illustrate the point we're making about that show.

We've added a little extra info plus a spiffy photo from a newspaper clipping over at To Tell the Truth.

More audio! We've added an episode of Cullen's Adventures in the syndicated radio section and an "audition record" with Bill and Arlene Francis pitching their series It Happens Every Day in More Radio.

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