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Happy Birthday, Ann!

June is Ann's birthmonth, so we're updating the site a little bit to commemorate the occasion.

First up, we've added more than a dozen snapshots to our Photos section, showing off Ann's prowess both as a photographer and as subject matter. We've also added some Ann-relevant video to our tribute page for her.

Next, a video of a 1970 "To Tell the Truth" segment featuring Ann has been added to that show's page. Down the road we plan on adding more video to the site.

Our ample collection of Bill's radio work leads to a summer-themed update with segments of Cullen's Adventures and Ideas for Better Living over in the syndicated radio section.

And now to finish up this update, one exciting bit of news about some vintage Bill getting unearthed. The Library of Congress has added to their archives five episodes of The Price is Right. That's wonderful enough, but they're all daytime episodes, and daytime shows from that era were much less likely to survive than nighttime shows, so these are real treasures.

Also interesting to the Bill-obsessed eye is that the handful of daytime shows that are already out there come from the first year on the air (1956-57), before the nighttime version premiered, and the last year on the air (1964-65), after the nighttime show was canceled. So until now, that seven year stretch where the two versions were running concurrently was unaccounted for. We finally have some episodes to fill that gap! Here are a few light details on the episodes acquired by the library:

The Price Is Right I: daytime version with four non-celebrity panelists (network kinescope with all commercials)  7/26/57   12-11D

The Price Is Right II:  daytime program from 10/22/57  12-4B

The Price Is Right III: daytime program from 4/23/58  12-4B

The Price Is Right IV:  one of the final prizes is a 1957 Go-Go Mobile a odd-looking miniature automobile manufactured in Germany—one sponsor is Monsanto’s Saran Wrap--daytime show  from 4/24/58  12-11D

The Price Is Right V:   daytime program from 2/26/58   12-4B

That's all for now!

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