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Look What Other People Found!

Hiding in plain sight for at least seven years! The audio of a full episode of Quick as a Flash hosted by Bill has been sitting on YouTube since 2013, and your webmasters only found it this week. We now have the audio for ourselves in the Quiz Shows section of Bill's radio wing.

Buzzr had their annual Lost & Found extravaganza last weekend, unearthing shows that haven't seen the light of day in years, in decades in a few cases. And it wasn't just limited to the over-the-air Buzzr channel. Buzzr's YouTube channel quietly uploaded an episode of I've Got a Secret that has never been rerun since its original 1956 broadcast, featuring guest star James Mason. We've added it along with Buzzr's other uploads in our I've Got a Secret page.

In Syndicated Radio, we've added more selections from Knowledge Mod Style. We have...just a ridiculous amount of that show and we're nowhere near uploading all that we have.

Over in Photos, we've added some snapshots from Bill's road trips up and down California, 1954.

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