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March Modness!

Some potentially exciting Bill-related news for those of you with access to the Buzzr digital channel (available over the air on many markets, as well as on Dish TV and Pluto, and if you don't have any of those, you can just stream the channel on their official website...

On March 8, Buzzr will be dusting off a rerun of the original Price is Right starring Bill Cullen...but not starring Bill Cullen. The rerun they're airing is the February 1, 1961 nighttime episode, in which Arlene Francis fills in for vacationing Bill. This will be the first time in over 20 years that reruns of Bill's version have aired nationally (we recently learned that a single digital station in Tennessee has been airing a package of 30 or so episodes that apparently fell into public domain). We could speculate about future reruns, but it would be exactly that, speculation, so we won't. But enjoy the rerun.

We've added four more segments of Knowledge Mod Style to the syndicated radio section. We just can't get enough of that funky bass. We'll be adding more this month, because we have so many episodes in our collection and because we're so proud of the punny name.

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