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Narz Patrol

We have some big news about this site coming shortly, but first, the other stuff in this update...

In "...And More," we've added another comic strip...well...not exactly a comic strip but it fits that category better than anything else.

Over at Three on a Match, we've added more text and pics, plus the complete audio from the series finale.

For our other audio upload this week, head over to syndicated radio for a new old Idea for Better Living.

We added a freeze frame to one of Bill's unsold pilots, the elusive A Very Special Evening, courtesy of an Ebay auction that didn't quite go our way.

Now, the news--we are happy to announce that going forward, this site will include contributions from the Narz family. David Narz has an impressive family tree--his father was Jack Narz, Bill's announcer on Place the Face, as well as a legendary emcee in his own right through shows like Beat the Clock and Concentration. David's uncle is Tom Kennedy, best known for You Don't Say! and Name That Tune among many, many others. And through his father's marriage to Ann's sister, David's other uncle was Bill Cullen.

Happily, David is sharing some of his family treasures with us. In the coming weeks, months, and years, you'll be seeing more of Bill and Ann's photos, papers, and possibly video. We are honored by the family's approval and involvement with our work here and we're looking forward to expanding everything with their participation. These goodies will begin showing up in our very next update.

Just one more thing: this weekend, starting at noon on July 27 and continuing for 25 straight hours, co-webmaster Adam will be part of the team presenting the 2019 Game Show Throwdown. We'll be livestreaming live productions of classic game shows all weekend long from Hyatt Place in Glendale, California while viewers on have a chance to make donations to Extra Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Bill's games Hot Potato, Blockbusters, and The $25,000 Pyramid are part of the line-up. For more information about how to tune in and how to donate, click here!

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