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Perhaps You've Noticed It's a New Site

Welcome to a brand new version of two old sites.

So there used to be two Bill Cullen fan sites on the internet. Matt Ottinger's Bill Cullen Homepage, and Adam Nedeff's Bill Cullen's World. And then stuff happened. Matt moved and was no longer a customer of the internet provider in charge of the server that the Bill Cullen Homepage was on. So a few months after Matt moved, it disappeared.

Adam (me), meanwhile, had just grown bored with his own site, which was in need of a facelift anyway.

So with that, I've shuttered Bill Cullen's World, joined forces with Matt, and together we've merged our resources, as well as dug up some new treasures. So feel free to wander the site. We have photos, rules of the games, fun facts (we dug up a really neat bit of info about a guest on one of Bill's most obscure shows, "Matinee in New York"), episode guides, behind-the-scenes stories, videos, and audio. Periodically, we'll post new audio when we have nothing better to do.

We don't know how often we'll be updating this site, for two reasons. #1, real life gets in the way and we both have jobs. #2, Bill's been gone since 1990.

At the same time, though, we've been continually surprised by the sheer amount of STUFF that Bill left behind. There are at least four entire series that we didn't know about back in the year 2000. But that's the reason we wanted to keep our researching and website-building efforts going. The depth of what the man did in 46 years as a broadcaster is mind-boggling to us and we want to continue chronicling it.

Welcome to the new site!

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Nov 26, 2018

So glad to see this!

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