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We were truly surprised by the positive reception we got for the Pass the Buck highlight video, which is actually the most widely-seen update to the site we've done so far. Inspired by that, we set our sights, and our site, on assembling a reel of moments from one of Bill's other shows, the marvelous Blockbusters. We got so preoccupied with assembling episodes to make that reel that we haven't updated the site in a bit, but we're making up for it this week with some goodies. The Blockbusters reel will be part of the next update. We think.

The big update here is that an anonymous donor has furnished us with two video treasures: an unaired "test episode" as well as episode #2 of The Price is Right. And with that, we've built a new page where we tell you all about what changed in the week between the test episode and the series.

Elsewhere, we have two thematically-linked updates: We have some photos from Bill and Ann's adventures aboard their boat in the Photos section, and Bill sets sail with some Ideas for Better Living segments about boating over in Syndicated Radio.

The Museum of Classic Chicago Television, a YouTube channel that makes a natural "subscribe" for anybody visiting this site, recently uploaded nearly an entire episode of Good Morning America from 1979, and SURPRISE! There's Bill. This YouTube link should take you straight to Bill's segment, and we've updated the More Guest Appearances section accordingly.

We have another caricature of Bill in the Gallery, as part of the CBS promotional images. We also added some new wallpaper.

Bill's nephew David Narz uncovered another entry for Bill's endorsement deals in ...And More!

That's it for now!

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