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Super Bill Sunday!

We saw an opportunity for a themed update and didn't want to waste it!

Available for the first time since it originally aired in 1964, on this most appropriate of all football Sundays, we've uploaded a full episode of Pro Football Special. This was a syndicated series that examined the sport of football in detail. In *excruciating* detail. Seriously, despite Bill's presence, this thing is a snoozer to the two webmasters. Without Bill, it might have been even worse! If you came here for game show stuff, you'll probably only watch a couple of minutes and tap out. If you're a fan of football history and the intricacies and finer points of strategy, you MIGHT last a bit longer.

The panel is made up of then-current players, who include in this debut episode future Hall-of-Famers Jim Brown and Jerry Kramer. Kramer would later write Instant Replay, a best-selling work about the sport. Game show fans who TRULY know their stuff may also remember Kramer as the host of a strange unsold pilot titled Monday Night Quarterback that was unearthed by Game Show Network years back.

This has been the busiest week ever for updating the Syndicated Radio section. In keeping with the theme, we've finally added audio from Looking Inside Sports, Bill's thirteen-week radio segment. We have five installments that all touch on pro football as the world of the early 1970s knew it. We also have audio from other shows and other sports, including some adventurous and mod lessons about boxing, paddle tennis, and hockey. Head on over to Syndicated Radio for a listen.

We also added some photos and just a smidge more info to NBC Sports in Action.

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