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The Cullentennial!

February 18, 2020 marks Bill's 100th birthday and we've gone all out, both on the site and on our Facebook page. We know we're a little early with this, but the two co-webmasters have full schedules during the next week and we weren't really sure if we could do a more timely update, so we figured we'd start the party early.

For starters, when you scroll to the bottom of the pages on our site, you have two buttons to steer you to our other corners of the internet, our YouTube channel and our Facebook page. We update the Facebook page far more often, but by all means try to keep an eye on both.

Bill's nephew, David Narz, loaned us a hernia-sized box of videotapes from Bill's personal collection and we've spent the past few weeks sorting through those with glee. To be honest, there was nothing in there particularly earth-shattering--there wasn't, for example, just 30 random undiscovered episodes of Eye Guess or Three on a Match in there. We were somewhat amused to find that Bill had a random episode of Blockbusters on tape at some point, but he recorded over most of it with a college football game.

That said, there were some goodies in there, and they'll make their way to the site and to the Facebook page in due time. And there was some stuff in there that we absolutely did not know about. Over in ...And More!, we've added two new endorsement deals that we had no idea about until we saw these tapes.

Over in Syndicated Radio, we went all out for Bill's birthday. We've added two segments apiece to everything that we have surviving audio for. That's segments of Cullen's Adventures, Ideas for Better Living, Knowledge Mod Style, Looking Inside Sports, The Parents' Notebook, and Fuji Facts.

We went even further out for Bill's birthday in the Photos section, uploading 100 photos from Bill and Ann's voyage through Europe in June 1960.

In Papers, we've added a page from Bill's senior yearbook. It's a group photo, but you wouldn't even need the caption to spot him.

Happy 100th birthday, Bill!

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