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The Wonderful Thing About Collecting Old Videos...

There's not much to this update, but something kind of cool happened this week and we wanted to document it here and give credit where credit is due to the folks who helped make it happen.

Some time ago, collector Harold Riedel reached out and told us he had come upon a 16mm kinescope film of an episode of The Price is Right, air date May 27, 1957. We happily accepted and passed it straight from Harold to Stu Shostak, host of Stu's Show...and by the way, if you don't know about Stu's Show, here's a link, and all we have to say is that if you're visiting a website dedicated to the life and career of Bill Cullen, then Stu's Show is exactly the kind of thing you would enjoy.

Stu was able to convert the 16mm film into a digital format, which we shared on our Facebook page and on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

And then this video turned up today, and it turns out something wonderful happened as a result of our effort to unearth that episode and make it viewable. One of the contestants, O'Dell Lumpkin, is happily still alive, and at this link, you can watch her reacting to her first viewing of her appearance on the show, 63 years later, and talking about the experience. We do this work because we're fans of Bill, but the fact that we can do something like this, even if it's totally unintentional, is a phenomenal bonus.

As for updates to the site, head off to Syndicated Radio for a few more Adventures. Over in Photos, Bill & Ann are staying home for a change, the album at the very top of the page, showing their life in New York City, has been updated with some shots of the gorgeous view of the city that they had from their apartment.

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