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We Get By With a Little Help from Our Friends

The only reason we know so much about Bill is because so many people provide us with the information.

One of the many highlights of our last update was that we found a Bill Cullen pilot that we didn't know about before--The World Quiz League. Well, it turns out a good friend of ours, Jason Antoniewicz, already knew quite a bit of it. He had actual production materials from another pilot for the game, one hosted by Dick Enberg. So we've updated our Pilots section with all of the information we now have about The World Quiz League.

Another superstar of researching-as-a-hobby, Mike Burger, gave us a small piece of info that's been eluding us for a while. Mike finally zeroed in on the exact dates that Bill filled in for Hugh Downs as co-anchor of Today. You can find that in More Appearances.

Over in Syndicated Radio, we've added three more of Cullen's Adventures.

And over in Photos, we've added more snapshots from Bill & Ann's time in Las Brisas.

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