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Where Updates Unfold

In 2013, the book Quizmaster, written by one of the co-webmasters with invaluable contributions from the other co-webmaster, was released. Today, we are thrilled beyond words to announce that there is now another book on the market about Bill Cullen. Kind of. We stumbled upon this 2014 romance novel on Amazon and the main character's name happens to be Bill Cullen. Happy reading!

Buzzr has uploaded some more Bill-related goodies recently and we've embedded them into the site as part of our pages for I've Got a Secret and To Tell the Truth.

The Gallery has a new drawing of Bill, from a vintage ad for his radio show Hit the Jackpot.

Over in Syndicated Radio, we've added two more selections from The Parents' Notebook.

Finally, Bill and Ann are off to Dorado Beach in the Photo section.

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