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NBC Episode Guide

For decades until 1987, NBC maintained "program cards"--index cards with notes on every episode of every show that aired on the radio and television networks. These program cards are now housed in the Library of Congress. An anonymous donor supplied us with the program cards for the NBC years of The Price is Right.

Because they were supplied to us as scans of Xeroxed copies of decades-old index cards which had already been smudged and well-worn over the years, looking at them could make for quite an unpleasant read, so we've transcribed the cards into a spreadsheet.

It's also worth noting that NBC's staffers were surprisingly haphazard about what they elected to take notes on about the show, so there's really no consistency or pattern to what you're about to read. But given that the bulk of these shows have been erased, we'll take whatever slivers of information we'll take.

ABC Prime Time Episode Guide

This one is more straightforward. It's a guide to the guest celebrities who competed alongside the contestants on the ABC nighttime Price is Right during the 1963-64 season.

ABC Daytime Episode Guide

The daytime version initially didn't have celebrity guests. That was devised to make the nighttime version more special. But beginning in Spring 1964, the celebrities began appearing on the daytime version.

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