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Says Who?

Taped May 28, 1971, probably for NBC

The Show:

"Would Betsy Palmer be shattered if she caught her husband with another woman? Anne Meara might have to supply the answer to that question! What does Peter Lawford consider to be more important than sex? Bill Cullen might have to supply that answer! It happens on Says Who!"

Two teams compete with two celebrities and one contestant on each, all men vs. all women. Geoff asks a personal question to one celebrity, and that celebrity answers, either as themselves or what they think the other celebrity on their team would say, and locking in that decision as they do so. To mix things up, they occasionally have a celebrity choose between answering as one of their two celebrity opponents.

The celebrity's two teammates then individually lock in their guesses as to whom the celebrity was being when they answered. If one teammate locks in a correct answer, the team wins $50. If both teammates locked in the correct answer, the team wins $150. The first team to accumulate $300 wins the game and plays the bonus game.

For the bonus game, Geoff reads the contestant a series of five subjects given to the celebrity partners before the show. For each subject, Geoff reads an answer given by one of the two celebrities. The contestant makes their decision, and for the first correct guess they win $20. Each successive correct answer doubles the money until all five subjects have been played. If the contestant gets 5-for-5, they win $320 and a bonus prize.

The Show:

Numbingly mindless, especially since only Bill and Betsy knew each other well, and celebrities virtually always just answered as themselves anyway. The contestants pick up on this as well. On the questions where the women have to answer as one of the men, the contestant immediately picks Bill.

This is the earliest-known existing video of Geoff Edwards hosting a game show. Edwards, a popular Los Angeles DJ, had caught the attention of networks and game show producers for his adeptness as host of Lucky Pairs, a local Los Angeles TV game produced by Bob Barker. In a 2012 interview, Edwards recalled finding it odd that he was hosting the pilot and that Bill, an accomplished host who wasn't hosting anything at the moment, was there as a guest player.

Says Who 1971 Bill Cullen
Says Who 1971 Bill Cullen
Says Who 1971 Bill Cullen Betsy Pamer
Says Who 1971 Bill Cullen Peter Lawford
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