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Where Was I?

First episode: September 2, 1952 
    Bill's first episode: October, 1952 
Last episode: October 6, 1953 
Seen Tuesday nights at various times on Dumont

The Show:

Originally, the celebrity panel met a contestant and had to figure out where that contestant was at a certain moment. Later, the in-studio contestants were ditched. In the second format, home viewers were encouraged to submit their own personal photos of notable moments that they were present for; the panel had to guess details about the photo, and when they were stumped, the show would make a donation to the Damon Runyan Cancer Fund. According to one profile of the show, submissions to the show included a woman's childhood photo of herself sitting in Thomas Edison's lap, a photo of the opening of King Tut's tomb submitted by the last surviving witness, and, among the rejected pile, a sizable number of people standing near President Eisenhower.

Where Was I Peter Donald Bill Cullen Nancy Guild


The original host was Dan Seymour, who lasted only two episodes. He was replaced by Ken Roberts, who at some point in the fall was replaced by Eddie Dunn. By December, John Reed King took over and remained for the rest of the run.

The original panel consisted of Peter Donald, Nancy Guild, David Ross and Joey Adams.  Guild appears to have been the show's only regular for the entire run. We have a TV listing placing Bill on the panel as early as October 21, 1952, but he probably didn't become a regular until John Reed King took over the hosting chores.  Bill and King worked together on several early radio and television series, including Why? and Give and Take.  Famed party hostess Elsa Maxwell became a regular in February. And newspaper columnist Samuel Grafton signed on for the series as well.

A newspaper description of the show makes note of a night when Nancy Guild guessed "Marilyn Monroe" for every game played during a single episode. At the end of the night, she confessed that she had overheard two crew members backstage say something about Monroe and she just assumed that they were discussing game material.


All we've found of this show to date is that one photo of panelists Peter Donald (best known to game show fans as the host of Masquerade Party), Bill, and Nancy Guild.

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