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Who's There?

First episode: July 14, 1952 
Last episode: September 15, 1952 
Seen Monday nights 9:30-10:00 on CBS

The Show:

Bill was a regular panelist (though he left before the series ended) on this series in which the panel identified famous personalities from props that provided clues to their identities.    Arlene Francis was the host of the show, a rare female emcee.


Earlier in the year, Arlene Francis hosted a prime time game show on NBC titled That Reminds Me, which premiered on February 27 and aired its series finale on February 27. Yes, really, one episode. Surprisingly, that one episode survives. That Reminds Me had a nearly identical premise to the written descriptions of Who's There?, so it would appear this show was a re-tooling of That Reminds Me.



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