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40 on the Blue, Bill!

Since Three on a Match is co-webmaster Matt's favorite game show, co-webmaster Adam decided to give him a belated Christmas present and tore into some newspaper archives in search of new info about the show. The Three on a Match page has been updated accordingly. Brace yourself, but it turns out the show actually did have a winnings limit!

Matt's Christmas present to me was assurance that my book about Bill, Quizmaster, merited its own section of the site. Read the story behind the story of the creation of the book, look at some promotional video, and follow the link to buy a copy if you haven't got around to that yet.

Also, we're in the dead of winter, so head on over to the Syndicated Radio section for a new audio file. Bill has some important tips for you about taking pictures in cold weather.

Mike Burger alerted us some time ago to another guest appearance outside of the realm of game shows for Bill, so we've added it to the More Appearances page.

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