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Secret's Out, Part 2

Yes, the site's still alive. Life gets in the way when both of your webmasters are steadily employed.

Co-webmaster Matt is still busily updating our I've Got a Secret subsite with all sorts of fun tidbits from all the secrets featured on that show over the years.

Meanwhile, co-webmaster Adam, in addition to typing this, has turned in the manuscript for the 2nd edition of my biography of Bill. The book will include new interviews, new photos ( to'll find that the photos are not new but rather were taken between 1920 and 1990), some new information, and, to be frank, some information that's already on the website.

The reason I'm doing that is because even if this website exists for a good long time, it's still somewhat temporary in a way that books are not. I wanted the info we've found in book form so that there would always be a record of what we learned about Bill SOMEWHERE. And besides that, we learned enough new stuff about Bill that it really did reach a point where I thumbed through Quizmaster and just found myself thinking "I wish I could have another crack at it." Thanks to BearManor Media for granting my wish. More info to come, but the manuscript is in their hands right now.

Quiz Show Expo is coming to Burbank, CA on the weekend of June 1! Keep an eye on for info. We'll be there and we hope you will be too.

As for this website, a few things to take a look at on this go-round. In the Photos section, we have more snapshots of Bill and Ann's vacation to Little Dix, and in Syndicated Radio, we're happy to say we just acquired a huge batch of People Who Are Different and we'll be adding more and more in the near future. For the moment, enjoy nine new-to-us episodes.

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