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50 on the Gold!

Hard at work, but also preparing for the National Archives of Game Show History (link if you missed the news in the last update).

Like many game show fans of the pre-VCR era, Bob Boden would hold an audio cassette recorder up to the TV sometimes to preserve snippets of shows. While going through these cassettes, we stumbled upon something absolutely perfect for this week's update. This week marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Three on a Match, and it would appear that Bob recorded the first episode! The first two minutes of it, but still...

We don't know 100% for certain that it's the first episode, but there are a few clues: The show doesn't open in the middle of a game, they're starting at the beginning. Also, Bill doesn't introduce any of the three players as a returning champion (and if it's not the first episode, that at least pins it down to the first month of the series; they didn't have returning champions until September 1971). That said, hear it for yourself! We went ahead and posted it at the Three on a Match page.

We also updated the Gallery with a sketch of Bill by Xavier Cugat!

We've updated our Bermuda photo album with more pictures of Bill and Ann's visit.

And as always, we have more from the seemingly bottomless well of Bill's Syndicated Radio career. Three more episodes of People Who are Different and the one remaining episode of The Parents' Notebook we hadn't already uploaded. We're out now, so if you want more of Bill's parenting tips, you're going to have to dig up more episodes for us.

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