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Blanks a Lot!

If you're going to be in Orange County, California any time between now and December 19, we strongly encourage you to pay a visit to Santa Ana's Bowers Museum. Bill and Ann, among their many, many, MANY hobbies, collected a wide variety of art. Upon Ann's death, the collection was donated to the museum, which is now showcasing it in a special exhibition called "Artistic Legacy."

As for our little museum here at The Bill Cullen Archive, we've uploaded a few fresh episodes of Ideas for Better Living in the Syndicated Radio section.

In Photos, we've added more snapshots from Bill & Ann's vacation in Beverly Hills.

And in the main event of our update this time around, through the generosity of Bob Boden, who held the tape recorder up to his TV in 1975, we now have the complete audio from the final episode of Blankety Blanks!

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