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Extra Credit

Well, we were kind of wondering if this would happen after we launched The Bill Cullen Archive, and sure enough, it has. We've found a new credit for Bill. It's nothing earth-shattering like a new game show that we somehow never knew about. Rather, we've added a new credit to Bill's resume as a CBS Staff Announcer. As we note on that page, it's virtually impossible for us to ever have a complete picture of the work Bill did in that job, but we now have one more title to add to it, CBS News Summary. (And a tip of the hat to reader Myron King, who tipped us off about the audio recording that helped us learn this!)

The historic nature of the newscast we heard got us to dwelling about the length of Bill's career again, which compelled us to upload some more segments of Fuji Facts in Syndicated Radio. Ponder this--there is existing audio of Bill Cullen announcing the death of President Roosevelt, and there is existing audio of Bill Cullen giving some helpful tips on floppy disk care.

Over in Photos, Bill and Ann venture to Bermuda. Ann remembered it as one of their favorite destinations. They took multiple trips during their marriage and there will be plenty more photos added to the Bermuda album in the future.

That's it for this week. Don't forget, reruns of The Price is Right join the Buzzr schedule on Sundays, starting this weekend!

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