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From One Archive to Another

Big news in the game show world during the past week!

The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York is a museum dedicated to "play" in every sense of the word; it has exhibits dedicated to video games, board games, dolls, action figures, model trains...and now, game shows. Here was the big announcement, courtesy of Daily Variety.

Howard Blumenthal, who worked with Bill on How Do You Like Your Eggs? , and Bob Boden, who, as a dedicated game show fan coming of age in New York during the 1970s, attended tapings of The $25,000 Pyramid, are the co-founders, with Adam Nedeff, the co-webmaster of this website and guy typing this post in the third person, serving as the venture's researcher and archivist. The Narz family will also be sharing some of their treasures for the endeavor.

To be very clear, there's nothing at the museum yet, and at the time of this site update, we're at LEAST a year away. Initially, the National Archives of Game Show History will be predominantly a research library, but will expand into a full-fledged exhibit at the museum, complete with props, set pieces, video, audio, you name it.

That put us in a site-updatin' mood, so here you go!

We're feeling summery, so we've added more photos of the Cullens' trip to Barbados in Photos.

In Syndicated Radio, we've added a few more of Cullen's Adventures.

And there's more in two of our favorite but least-updated sections. We've learned about another Drew Friedman comic featuring Bill, so we've added that to The Gallery. And we have some odd merchandise...well...maybe not merchandise...we'll show you some Price is Right-related something-or-others in ...And More!

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