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Get Set for "The Pet Set"

Way back when, Betty White hosted a syndicated talk show titled The Pet Set, featuring husband Allen Ludden as her announcer. ("This was covered in a book you may have already read and enjoyed," he said self-indulgently.)

The Pet Set featured Betty interviewing celebrities who brought their pets along for the show. It only lasted for one season, but Betty spoke of it as one of her favorite projects of her career, and after 40 years, a selection of episodes has been unearthed as a DVD box set. If being a Betty White fan and a pet lover isn't enough incentive for you to buy the box set, there are some episodes included that should be of interest for game show lovers--episodes on the DVD set feature guests Bob Barker, Peter Marshall, Paul Lynde, Merv Griffin, Rod Serling, and the PATSY Awards ceremony featuring Allen Ludden on camera.

But there's more! The DVD set includes a bonus feature that should be of interest to fans of Bill--a never-rerun episode of The Price is Right from February 1964. By that point, the the show's format was three contestants plus one celebrity who competed on behalf of members of the audience. As you've probably guessed, Betty is that week's guest star.

This week's updates around the Archives include a vaguely pet-related note about the unaired Test Episode for The Price is Right. Over in Syndicated Radio, Bill is going on more Adventures, and over in Photos, we've added more photos from the Cullens' adventures in Amsterdam.

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