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Happy 101st Birthday, Bill!

Well, it's February 18, 2021 and that means we have some special stuff to honor Bill's special day...

At Syndicated Radio, we've updated every show that we possibly could. That means we've updated new segments of Cullen's Adventures and Ideas for Better Living and Knowledge Mod Style and Looking Inside Sports and People Who are Different and The Parents' Notebook AND Fuji Facts!

In More Appearances, we've embedded Bill's interviews with Edward R. Murrow and Good Morning America.

In honor of Bill's favorite lady, we've added more shots from Ann's modeling career on our page for her.

In Photos, we've uploaded some snapshots from a March 1968 trip to Acapulco...

But the biggest update of all, we've unearthed some footage of Bill that has not been seen since 1963! Head over to Sports Cavalcade for a vintage hour of Bill calling basketball from Madison Square Garden!

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