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In the Air, On the Sea

The webmasters had an exciting week. An Ebay auction went our way and we've acquired some spiffy slides of a $10,000 Pyramid taping from 1975, with Bill playing the game alongside JoAnne Worley. We've added one to the Guest Appearances page. Eventually I'm sure we'll find a use for the rest. Keep checking in on our Facebook page, too.

We have added a new page dedicated to an interesting quirk on Bill's resume. We told you some time back that the Narz family is kindly sharing Bill & Ann's personal photos. As we were sifting through those thousands and thousands of snapshots, we discovered that a handful of them were photos taken at an airport, commemorating a brief but memorable time when Bill was the president of an airline. Head up to the menu at the top of this page and click Bill's Airline for pictures and info.

Our ever-growing collection of Syndicated Radio selections includes another selection of Goose Who's Coming to Dinner as we're getting closer to Thanksgiving. And as a counterpart to Bill's airline page, and to give a sense of completion to this week's update theme, we've added Ideas for Better Living with Bill and Betsy Palmer discussing sailing.

And over in Photos, our favorite travelers are off to Bremen in June 1960.

We have another caricature of Bill in the Gallery.

Also, when we boosted the font size and added a bunch of new photos last week, we added some new photos generously donated to us from Terry Wilkie. Terry had passed the photos our way back in August and requested a plug for his work if we made use of them. Co-Webmaster Adam, in preparing the update this week, was looking around the site and blurted out "Oh crap, I forgot!" to himself.

Some of the photos scattered about our site came from the collection of Terry Wilkie, who is the archivist in charge of the Television Production Music Museum. The site is an unmatched collection of music from television shows of the past and present--not just theme songs, but also music beds, cues, incidental music, promotional campaigns. Even rare audio of audience warm-ups! Plus photos and videos...we strongly recommend a paid membership so you can enjoy the site to its fullest. Among the Bill-related gems on the site: unused cues from Blockbusters and Hot Potato, and entire unused theme music for Child's Play. If you've never been to the site, carve out some time because it's one of those delightful sites that you can truly get lost in. You'll hear things you've never heard before and things you forgot you ever heard, gloriously in the clear.

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