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We've Got Some Secrets

Co-webmaster Adam here. I write columns about game show history for The National Archives of Game Show History as part of my work for the Strong Museum of Play. My February column covers what is arguably the most famous piece of video of Bill in the 21st century, and here's the link if you want to read the whole story.

Around the site, Bill continues to surprise and amaze us with the depth of his work. We learned about two completely new syndicated radio segments in the past month. We have very, very little info about them beyond the titles, but they're now listed in the Syndicated Radio section, where we've also uploaded three more of Cullen's Adventures. We also found out that Bill's six-week radio series, Stars for Summer, ran a whole heck of a lot longer than six weeks, and we simply didn't realize it before because they changed the title! You can find the expanded info at NBC Radio.

Over in Photos, the rest of Bill & Ann's photo album from their La Jolla vacation.

Finally, we realize updates here and on Facebook have been sparse, but we hope you'll feel better if I tell you that I'm working on a big project, and Matt's working on a big project, and if you're the type of person who would visit a website called The Bill Cullen Archive, you're going to love our two big projects. More news to come.

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