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Seven Months of Things to Tell You- A MEGA-Update!

It's been a while since we've updated because...well, frankly, we were busy paying the rent. Matt is a prolific videographer and educator, and that's been keeping him busy, and me, Adam? I've been churning out game shows in Hollywood. (Keep watching Game Show Network!)

So after seven months of not updating, we figured we owed you a big one, and...well, it IS a big one. We've learned quite a bit about Bill and acquired a few new goodies in the past few months...Let's start with the individual show pages...

Brendan McLaughlin turned up Variety's review of Why? Amazingly, the critic just gives us the gist of the show's premise, which we already kind of knew. We still don't really know how the game was played!

We have a ticket for Down You Go. Again, it's something.

At The Price is Right, our friends Nick and Greg Brobeck solved some mysteries involving the show's theme music. We also added a neat bit of info about a guest announcer. We knew about this for a while--it was in the NBC program cards for the show--but when Buzzr reran the episode recently, it struck us that we should call attention to it. But our favorite Price is Right update is a new anecdote about Bill. Actress Elizabeth Ashley appeared on The Tonight Show in 1977 and told an absolutely delightful anecdote about her first TV appearance, which was on Price, and how Bill reacted to a mistake she made.

Over in Eye Guess, we've added a few tidbits about the multiple attempts to revive the show in the '70s and '80s.

At You're Putting Me On, we have 45 seconds of audio from the final episode. That's not much, and Bill doesn't even talk in the clip, but given how little there is of this show, we'll take what we can get.

We found out about a pilot for an attempted revival of The Love Experts, so we added a little bit to that page.

We added some information about the various revivals of Chain Reaction that have happened over the years, because it dawned on us that it was weird that we didn't already have that info.

During the past seven months, we found the time to put together a Facebook post with all of the information we have about how the distinctive Blockbusters game board worked. It wound up being one of the most popular posts we've ever had on our Facebook page, so we've added all that info to our Blockbusters page.

Now over the rest of the site...

Over in the Pilots section, we've added a lot of info about various projects:

  • No less an expert than Bob Stewart's own son, Sande, confirmed something that we were wondering about the Cash on the Line pilot, so we've updated our info to present a clearer picture of that show's format.

  • We learned about an entire other host for the Caught in the Act pilot featuring Bill on the panel.

  • At LAST, we confirmed the taping date for Decisions, Decisions.

  • And best of all, we found out about a NEW pilot! Read the precious little information we have about The World Quiz League.

In Guest Appearances, we found out that Bill dropped in on NBC's The Who, What, or Where Game a few times to plug Three on a Match, so we've added those dates.

We've continued pouring audio files into the seemingly bottomless pit that is the Syndicated Radio section. Enjoy some new-to-us episodes of Cullen's Adventures, Ideas for Better Living, Looking Inside Sports, and Knowledge Mod Style.

And in the Photos section, we've beefed up the photo albums from the Hudson River and Italy.

Hope that's enough to tide you over. Enjoy!

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