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Spotlight on Ann

The Cullens' nephew, David Narz, unearthed something unusual this week, and as much as this site is a showcase on Bill, it goes without saying that his wife meant the world to him. We thought it would be fun, then, to update our page about Ann with David's findings. Head on over there for a glimpse of life before Bill and see some photos of Ann from her days as a professional model, circa 1950-51.

As always, we have Syndicated Radio goodies in this update, in this case, three of Cullen's Adventures.

In Quiz Shows, we've added a photo of Beat the Clock from the collection of the Television Production Music Museum.

And one last heads-up, on Saturday, January 16, Buzzr is rerunning three 1959 episodes of The Price is Right that haven't been seen since their original broadcasts!

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