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Summer "Fun"

A Google search unexpectedly turned up a picture of Bill and Arlene Francis on Kliph Nesteroff's Classic Television Showbiz blog. (Kliph is also the author of a remarkable history called The Comedians for anyone who's interested.)

That sent us down a rabbit hole and we unearthed some new information from old sources that we didn't have access to before, certainly not when Matt launched the original Bill Cullen Homepage and not when Adam wrote his book. We've done a thorough update of Fun for All in our guide to Bill's radio quiz shows.

Over in Syndicated Radio, we've completed the first week of Looking Inside Sports and we added a promo too!

And we've made some fun additions in "...And More!" where we've added more of Bill's endorsement deals. Bet you were never expecting to see Alfred Hitchcock anywhere on this site.

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