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Videos...Videos Everywhere

Buzzr has, at last, aired episodes of the original Price is Right starring Bill Cullen, but they went even further than that. The official Buzzr YouTube channel has uploaded full episodes of Bill's Price with everything intact, including original commercials and Showcase entry rules. We've now embedded these episodes on our own Price is Right page.

Buzzr has also uploaded a nice batch of To Tell the Truth episodes featuring Bill so we've embedded those too.

Oh, wait, one more. Buzzr uploaded the I've Got a Secret panel's appearance on What's My Line? so that's in our Guest Appearances section.

In honor of all of these episodes that have happily survived after all these decades, we've uploaded a relevant segment of Fuji Facts in which Bill tells us how to prolong the life of our videotapes. We also added a selection from The Parents' Notebook, just because. You can hear both at Syndicated Radio.

Oh, also, we recently stumbled on a really neat photo of Bill. Possibly his first publicity photo. And it's autographed! You can see it in the Biography.

This didn't feel like that big an update when we started it.

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