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Bill's Name in the Paper

Not a site update, but Bill's name unexpectedly popped up in The Washington Post a short time ago and it's a very sweet story, so have a read and a smile.

Meanwhile, we stumbled on some very exciting news for Bill...we thought...for a while. For a moment, it appeared that there was a new old Bill Cullen series that we knew nothing about. We found two separate newspaper articles that made mention of Bill being the co-host of King's Party Line, an early TV game show that aired on the local CBS affiliate in New York. Both articles that referenced Bill were written decades after the fact and talked about the show in terms of fuzzy memories, so you can't really call that a definitive source. Still, for the amount of work that Bill did with John Reed King in the 1940s, it certainly made sense, so we dug in.

And we kept digging. And digging. And digging. We have scoured newspapers and magazines from the 1940s and we can't find a contemporary reference to Bill being on King's Party Line. Maybe he was and maybe he wasn't. And if anybody there can dig up a piece of info that we couldn't find, we'd be thrilled to hear from you. Right now, we suspect that both writers were making the same mistake and confusing Give and Take for King's Party Line. But obviously, this is the kind of thing we'd love to be proven wrong about.

As for updates to the site, we've dug up another endorsement deal for Bill in the 1960s, so head on over to "And More!" for a pretty spiffy picture of him.

Since it's the dead of winter, we thought you'd appreciate some mod history of skiing, and you can find that in the Syndicated Radio section.

We've unearthed some new info and some new photos for NBC's Roadshow. Still haven't found any actual audio from that series, but maybe someday...

Also, a heads-up that February 3 is Super Bill Sunday and we have something special planned for that day. We'll be presenting something that hasn't been seen since it originally aired, and if we offer any more info, that might give it away.

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