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Info About Road Shows (but not about Roadshow)

Found another magazine archive--this time Radio Daily--and went down another rabbit hole.

We have new info about the radio versions of Winner Take All and Give and Take, including some special on-location episodes those shows did in exotic locations like Skowhegan, Maine, and Beaumont, Texas. We also discovered a neat tidbit about the guest host when Bill went on vacation in 1948. And we have a guest host gig for Bill himself under "More Appearances."

We also have just slightly more info about Bill's first regular TV series, Act It Out, and a mildly interesting tidbit about Hot Potato.

The really exciting discovery of this update is in the Pilots section, and it's a treasure if this film still exists.

And because of the amount of info we have about Bill's morning radio show, we've given Pulse its own page. To get you in the holiday spirit, we've also added a bit of audio to that page, Bill reading a Christmas tale.

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